Check-in for Safety

Access Management and Policy Compliance for Locations

SafeAccess is a platform that ensures visitors follow health safety policies, keeping locations protected and safe from external risk.

Keep your location accessible with SafeAccess.

SafeAccess is software designed to screen visitors before they enter your location. Visitors check-in, self assess and review location policies and procedures. Location managers monitor access, receive alerts, set policies and run reports; helping keep locations protected and free from external risk.

Check-in & Self Assessment

Visitors check-in and perform self health assessments recommended by the CDC. Saved profiles store health information for streamlined location access.

Policies & Procedures

Locations can manage policies and procedures to ensure visitors follow safety standards. Policies can be shared or specific to a location.

Reporting & Audits

Administrators can run reports and audits to see exactly who has been at a location. When visitors test positive, management is alerted immediately and the visitor is denied access to the facility.

For Visitors

Check-in with peace-of-mind.

Visitors check-in with SafeAccess, updating their health and testing status providing important stats for the safety of a location. Review policies and procedures specific to a location and easily share activities for compliance.

Visitor data is secure

We take data security seriously. Shared data is stored in a HIPAA compliant cloud service and obfuscated for personal privacy.

Manage your team

Log your team activities and generate vital reports for your customers to provide safety and compliance for locations.

For Locations

Keep policies updated.

Easily manage multiple locations with a clean and simple admin interface. Clear visitors for access and monitor their movement to help mitigate risk and liability. Run vital reports in the event of a symptomatic or positive Covid-19 tests to notify other visitors of the potential exposure risk.

Policy and visitor management

Quickly update policies and procedures for each location. Set up the frequency that visitors must review updated documentation and control access to locations.

Robust analytics and reporting

SafeAccess provides a robust report section so that admins can quickly run and share important data information about the health of a location.

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